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Haverchuck yearbook
FUCK no.

Indie 103.1 no more :(

This sucks serious balls.

I mean yeah it had shitty reception in the Valley but WHO CARES, it was an amazing station. Now I'll have to listen to scream-o on KROQ when I stop playing Day & Age on a loop over and over and over and over again. Not gonna happen anytime soon, btw.

Bleh the world is being taken over by crap. Just look at the magazine stands- you can't find Spin or even Time anymore because fucking Tiger Beat (or whatever those scary magazines that are crowded with JoBros pics are called), US Weekly, and InTouch are all over the stands instead. Because that's what 'the people' demand. Whyyyy.

Oh well, there is always the Internet. And when they take that from me, then God help us all.



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