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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
Haverchuck yearbook
I Just finished reading the book. OMFG It was so good. Main reasons:

-It made me very nostalgic for my childhood. I think I've just now reached that age where my childhood feels like it's completely behind me and I get sentimental when I think about it. Those "simple" carefree times... little things that the girl in the book (Francie) goes through that had moved to the back of my mind. Like that I used to forget which arms were left and right, and when I had lice and the embarrassment/shame of it, and when a girl said something mean to me and I cried... memory lane, man.

-I cried at least five times while reading. I love crying while reading. It doesn't feel embarrassing like in a movie theater when you're with someone and you kind of try to move your face the other way so they don't see. In general I just like reading more than going to see movies, as strange as that may sound. I feel a little anxious and, kind of unsafe in movie theaters because they're so big and dark and the world seems to stop while you're watching. But when reading a book, I feel very cozy and safe.

-it made me realize how I take so much for granted. The book takes place in the early 1900's in Brooklyn, in a poor European immigrant neighborhood. They barely have any food and just the pains they go through for a bit of food and a few pennies broke my heart.

-life lessons. For seriousness. That's what I love about books. I learn so much and I think I tuck all those lessons in my mind. I may not remember them all exactly in my life every day but I think they are embedded in my brain.

...and lots more. Read the book if you haven't, it's like a nice sentimental ride through your past.


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