Haverchuck yearbook
To remind us our lives actually don't suck that much..

"Today, I was with my family at a buffet getting dessert. As I had my chocolate cake in hand, I grabbed an extra slice of cheesecake for my mom because I knew she would like a slice. Upon returning to my table, a couple walking behind me commented, "See, that's why Americans are so obese." FML"

"Today, I was walking from my office to the place i had parked my car, a distance of approximately three blocks. As I was about to round the last corner I was forced to dive out of the way of a speeding car. As I looked up, I noticed that it was my car. FML"

"Today, I was working at Old Navy. A girl came up to me and did a bizarre dance. Not knowing how to react, I imitated her to be friendly with the customer. Then she stopped cold. Her friend stormed up to me and yelled, "you jerk! Why are you mocking her? She has tourettes you know!" FML"

"Today, I was working at the grocery store and a very old woman wanted to give me a tip for bagging her groceries. She slid a quarter into my pocket against my thigh as deep down as she could get it, then she gave me a smile and a wink. I was groped by a grandma. FML"

"Today, I tried to surprise my parents by coming home from college for Spring Break. I arrived to find a dark house, with all the doors bolted shut. After calling them, I found out that they have gone on a vacation to Hawaii for a week. I am now locked out of my own house, with no where to stay. FML"

Amber Rose
Haverchuck yearbook
That girl hanging out with Kanye lately...

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...bitch is FIERCE. Damn.

But Kanye dear, you're not fooling anyone.

Haverchuck yearbook
FUCK no.

Indie 103.1 no more :(

This sucks serious balls.

I mean yeah it had shitty reception in the Valley but WHO CARES, it was an amazing station. Now I'll have to listen to scream-o on KROQ when I stop playing Day & Age on a loop over and over and over and over again. Not gonna happen anytime soon, btw.

Bleh the world is being taken over by crap. Just look at the magazine stands- you can't find Spin or even Time anymore because fucking Tiger Beat (or whatever those scary magazines that are crowded with JoBros pics are called), US Weekly, and InTouch are all over the stands instead. Because that's what 'the people' demand. Whyyyy.

Oh well, there is always the Internet. And when they take that from me, then God help us all.


A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
Haverchuck yearbook
I Just finished reading the book. OMFG It was so good. Main reasons:

-It made me very nostalgic for my childhood. I think I've just now reached that age where my childhood feels like it's completely behind me and I get sentimental when I think about it. Those "simple" carefree times... little things that the girl in the book (Francie) goes through that had moved to the back of my mind. Like that I used to forget which arms were left and right, and when I had lice and the embarrassment/shame of it, and when a girl said something mean to me and I cried... memory lane, man.

-I cried at least five times while reading. I love crying while reading. It doesn't feel embarrassing like in a movie theater when you're with someone and you kind of try to move your face the other way so they don't see. In general I just like reading more than going to see movies, as strange as that may sound. I feel a little anxious and, kind of unsafe in movie theaters because they're so big and dark and the world seems to stop while you're watching. But when reading a book, I feel very cozy and safe.

-it made me realize how I take so much for granted. The book takes place in the early 1900's in Brooklyn, in a poor European immigrant neighborhood. They barely have any food and just the pains they go through for a bit of food and a few pennies broke my heart.

-life lessons. For seriousness. That's what I love about books. I learn so much and I think I tuck all those lessons in my mind. I may not remember them all exactly in my life every day but I think they are embedded in my brain.

...and lots more. Read the book if you haven't, it's like a nice sentimental ride through your past.


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